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Tropical Floral Hawaiian Quilt Block Pattern

When we give thanks at this time of year we always celebrate the bounty of the fall harvest. Although, the flowers and plants in this Hawaiian runner are likely to bloom and present their bounty at varying times of the year.
Being in the middle of the vast Pacific Ocean, Hawaii had a limited plant population when humans arrived. Today we think of Hawaii as a lush, verdant island group with a huge variety of plants. But most of those plants were brought to Hawaii aboard ships from all over the world. Our quilt, Tropical Floral, is a blend of endemic and introduced species.
The plants on the Tropical Floral Hawaiian Block Patterns are:
  • Native to Hawaii are the Maile and Hibiscus.
  • Non-native plants are: Anthurium (Columbia), Kukui (Polynesia), Pineapple (Paraguay) and Bird of Paradise (South Africa).
TIP: Use the individual blocks to make placemats and put six together for a pohopoho-style quilt, or narrow wallhanging.

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