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Unauthorized use of our quilt images


Last month I shared the following quick note with you:

Earlier this month one of Nancy's students and an additional customer asked us if we had given our permission to a company that produces rugs and bedding to use our Herd of Turtles design. We were shocked to find out that this company APPEARS to be selling products with our Herd of Turtles, Halloween and Dragonflies in Flight designs on the products. This company, AZCOZY has not been given the rights to use any of our designs! We hold the copyrights. As we have researched it appears that they steal images online and Photoshop items with images from various artists without permission. Please remember when you shop on line be sure your are buying from a reputable company. If there is no phone number and or address it is probably a scam. This company does state they have a Houston Texas address however when I google the location it comes up with a warehouse that does not appear to have a business at that location. Please do your research when shopping online and if the price seems to be too good to be true it probably is! If you see our images used anywhere on products please let us know.

Follow up: They have been sent a "Cease and Desist" letter yet continue to use our images and also those of other quilt designers. (11/11/19 UPDATE: This letter was returned unopened and had a certified/return receipt request envelope.) I was shocked when I went online today to check and see if they had removed our images only to find that they now have a new section which says they have Quilt Blankets and have stolen even more images including some by Ricky Tims, Jacqueline de Jorge, and Judy Neimier among others. I do not know how we can stop this but I do know that you as my customers need to be informed and you can inform your friends. I noticed that on their Facebook Page they have a phone number and I called and it appears to be a fax number.

I have done a bit of online research and I do see that they are sending products but NOTHING like what is pictured in the photographs and not worth the money. That being said they DO NOT have our permission to use any of our images!!!

They also claim to be accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Here is a link to their F Rating!

Please be aware and please share this. Their primary advertising appears to be Facebook so please let everyone know you can!

NOTE: These images I have shared are screen shots from my computer.

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