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New Favorite Laundry Item

Have you ever made a quilt and used scrap fabrics that you are not sure of their history and decided not to wash them before you began cutting out your quilt? I am sure we all have.

Some of you never wash your fabrics however because of this very quilt I ALWAYS wash my fabrics before I make them into a quilt. For ten years this quilt has been on a bed in my home and every time I wash it I have had to be extremely careful and have always had some bleed in some of the red fabrics. The first time I washed it I did use Synthropol and maybe I did not do it correctly but I still had problems with a few of the red fabrics. So this time I tried this amazing product, Shout ColorCatchers. Shout ColorCatchers are my new favorite laundry item and are available in the laundry isle of most grocery stores!

Look at all of the red dye that was captured and how nice and white the sashing is! I will no longer lose sleep over this quilt or any other!

Do you have a favorite laundry item that I need to know about?

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