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A new Adventure for 2019

Before the Quilt Show season begins Mark and I are going on an amazing adventure. We heard about an opportunity to travel with a group from Mark's Rotary club to Quito, Ecuador. We will be traveling as part of a group called Amigo Vision.

Amigo Vision LogoAmigo Vision is a volunteer group who provides eye exams, referral services, and free or low cost glasses to non-serviced or under-served populations around the world. With Rotary they have provided eye care since 2000 and seen about 30,000 patients in Mexico, Peru, Vietnam, Thailand, Dominican Republic, Malawi, and the Philippines and will now add Ecuador to that mix. If you have ever donated your old glasses to the Lions club through their drop boxes, you have helped as well. They use these glasses and they are they are given a second life.

Otavalo Blankets

This will be the first time we have traveled with this group and will be traveling to Quito where we will volunteer for 8 days of clinics where those in need will be seen. I know it will be an amazing experience. We will have a few days off during our stay and will have an opportunity to see the sites. One of the weekends while we are there we will travel to Otavalo. Otavalo is known for it's Saturday market and guess what they are also known for... their textiles. This is a place full of history and tradition. I will have an opportunity to see the artistry of the indigenous OtavaleƱo people who have been weavers since pre-Incan times. How perfect is this. I am thrilled and I will be taking many photos to share with all of you! This will certainly appeal to my love of all things fiber! I just might have to purchase an alpaca blanket.

Now, you are probably wondering if we speak Spanish... No I do not. I have been trying to learn a bit but I am not catching on as I had hoped. Our son has suggested that we watch some movies in Spanish just to get comfortable with hearing it. So I will be doing just that. I have a few favorite movies I will be playing in Spanish so I am not too overwhelmed.

Now, one of the important things for all of you are wondering is what about Pacific Rim Quilt Company? Well, I have it covered. I have a friend who is going to come stay here in our home with our dog and cat and she will fill orders that come in while I am away. Her name is Julia and she will also be doing a few social media posts for me and will keep things going. I am beyond grateful that she will come and do this. Your orders will be filled. I will have limited internet access but will do my best to respond to your email's. Please allow a few extra days on your orders and my response via email from January 19th until February 6th. Oh, for those of you who visited us in Monroe Washington last spring and meet Rhoda, well Julia is Rhoda's daughter. They are an amazing family and are making so many things possible.

Prepare for lots of sharing and beautiful, colorful photos.

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