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Sea Turtles and Dolphins

Sea Turtles and Dolphins Hawaiian Wall Quilt

This month I thought it would be fun to share the story of how Sea Turtles and Dolphins came to be. This has proved to be the perfect collaboration between Nancy and Janice.

Nancy and Janice collaborate in different ways when designing new patterns. Usually Nancy starts a design, passes the line drawing, or paper cut-out on to Janice who makes changes and suggestions, then passes it back to Nancy. Sometimes it is done in one pass, others take several. But with our Sea Turtles and Dolphins quilt it was a little different.
For one thing, they were both in the same room at the same time while designing this one - a rare occurrence. They knew they wanted a quilt with both turtles (honu) and dolphins (nai'a). Nancy started with the turtles in the center, and Janice sketched her idea for the dolphins on a napkin (yes, a napkin!) and gave it to Nancy, "Here, like this. A mother and her baby playing in the water together." And that was it. Using Janice's sketch, Nancy completed the pattern you see here.

This pattern continues to be one of our customers favorites.

Janice has created hand dyed pieces specifically for Sea Turtles and Dolphins. These are available here.

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