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Celtic Knotwork Applique


Galway Applique Quilt Borders and Table Runner Pattern

Have you ever worked with 1/4" bias tape?

You can make your Galway quilt in the usual method of Celtic Knotwork using the Clover 1/4" (6 mm) Bias Tape Maker. I have added Nancy's How-To article to discover our easy hints for using this simple tool.

OK, now that you know how easy it is to make beautiful bias tape you are ready to make one of these gorgeous quilts! You don't even need to know how to needleturn, since the edges of the bias tape are already turned under! How great is that? And, the pattern instructions are full of step-by-step details, illustrations, and helpful hints to assure your success with Celtic applique.

Galway Applique Quilt Borders and Runners Pattern

Five options with this pattern mean you can find the one that is just right for your table, bed, or quilt border. We show these samples on a 13 inch wide background, but if you want yours wider, that is your choice! The lengths are: 70" (but you can make it even longer with a longer background fabric), 60", 44", 36" and 18" (perfect for a placemat or pillow sham).
Celtic applique is incredibly versatile. Imagine piecing an Irish Chain quilt top, then adding borders using this Celtic design! Or make a quilt with three of these long panels separated by two pieced or floral applique panels. Let your imagination go wild!Cyclamen - Galway Quit Patterns

Here is what you might do with the, Cyclamen Hawaiian wall quilt pattern and Galway applique quilt borders and runners pattern. When combined this way you start with the 36" Cyclamen quilt, add 13" wide borders on four sides for a finished quilt that is approximately 60" square.

What clever ways can you think of to combine Celtic Knotwork applique with other quilting styles?

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