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Needleturn Applique Tips

Those pesky inside curves!

Christmas Tree 2 Fabric Applique Quilt PatternOur most popular holiday 2 Fabric Applique Quilt pattern is the "Candlelight" pattern. Measuring 36" across by 24" high, it fits beautifully over a fireplace.
We think there are some of you who would love to make this quilt, but may be daunted by so many inside curves. Here is how we recommend handling inside curves.
Inside Curve DiagramTIP: When appliqueing an inside curve, it is important to locate the straight fibers (on grain and cross-grain) and make 3 small clips to release the Clip inside curve fabric in that area so that it will turn under smoothly. In the diagram at left, there are four places where the grain and cross grain occur along the inside curve. The marks show where we make three short clips in each of those positions. While we do very little clipping with our needleturn applique, this is one area where we always clip. There is no need to clip along bias edges, as the fabric has enough natural stretch there to make the curve.
Remember that our patterns are designed with a 3/16th inch turn-under seam allowance. Make sure your clips stop just short of the 3/16th inch turn-under and you will have a smooth curve.
Now that you are no longer intimidated by the inside curves, consider this pattern for a Christmas quilt, a Hanukkah quilt, or a birthday celebration quilt. One customer told us she made this quilt and embroidered the names of a family member on each candle. Now her quilt hangs at every birthday celebration, too!

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