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Gone Surfing 2 Fabric Applique Quilt Pattern

After creating Dog & Daisy and Cat Nap, I wanted to create a quilt that Mark had been asking for. He has said for a long time that quilter's create quilts for the ones they love and he wanted a guy quilt. So from that conversation and some suggestions Gone Surfing was born.

Here are Mark's comments on this creation.

Quilts for guys?

I am a non-quilter married to a quilter. Prior to buying Pacific Rim Quilt Company with Connie, I did not pay much attention to quilts. But, I enjoyed them for their artistic expression. Since becoming intimately involved in PRQC, I realized that we did not have a quilt that might appeal more to men. Stated another way, could I see our quilts in a man-cave?

Granted, most men would appreciate the design and beauty of our Hawaiian quilts and I could see them in a man-cave. However, to be totally honest, I don't see many of our 2 Fabric Applique' Quilts in the man-cave. I set out to change that.

Quilts make great retirement, graduation or Christmas presents for husbands, wives, children, grandchildren and neighbors.

So... What would appeal to guys: hunting, fishing and cars. I decided that our first manly project would involve cars, but what car. While most guys enjoy cars, each has his own dream car: Corvette, Mustang, GTO, F150, Wileys and the list goes on. But overall, a surf car has universal appeal. The Beach Boys created a whole musical genre around the surf car and the laid back beach lifestyle.

"Gone Surfing" was a truly collaborative effort between Connie and I. Although I have little artistic ability, I gave Connie a rough conceptual drawing along with down-loaded photos of surf cars and beach settings. From there, she used her drawing and drafting background and after numerous iterations, the "Gone Surfing" quilt pattern was born. If our venture into this new concept is successful, we hope to develop other manly quilts in the future. As always we love receiving your ideas for new quilt patterns.

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