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2 Fabric Applique Quilt Patterns and Hand Applique

Hand Applique

If you have been to our booth at a Quilt Show you will know that I have a notebook that illustrates how to create your 2 Fabric Applique Quilt's using either the Hand Applique method or by Machine with fusible method. This is very helpful for new customers who have never heard about our patterns or the process we use to create them.

Some of us are more visual than others and I have had many requests to have the images available on the web site. So I have created a series of photos with explanations to demonstrate this. Below are the photos of the steps for the 2 Fabric Applique using the Hand Applique method. The first is a photo of what your pattern will look like and they are full size patterns. Come check out our 2 Fabric Applique Quilt Patterns.

Please remember that these images and this process is copyrighted by Pacific Rim Quilt Company and are for your personal use only.

2 Fabric Applique Pattern Illistration

Here are the PDF files for each page: AHandapplique.pdf, BTracehandapplique.pdf, CPinhandapplique.pdf, DBastehand.pdf, ECuthand.pdf for your personal use.

We also offer an incredible 2 Fabric Applique DVD with Nancy Lee Chong, which walks you through the entire process including how to do Needleturn Applique as well as quilting and finishing options.

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