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I just love how the quilting world draws people together! Here is a story that illustrates just that. I have known a woman in our community through my husbands involvement with Rotary International and would always chat with her when we were at the same social events for the last 10 years or so. In passing several times we have chatted about how she collects quilts. We also visited about how special they are and that they are incredible works of art. This spring we again were at a social gathering and began visiting about quilts. I told her about how Mark and I had purchased Pacific Rim Quilt Company and inquired whether she had any Hawaiian Quilts. She had not collected any Hawaiian quilts but we then chatted a bit more about the Early American quilts that she does collect. I loved hearing about how each of these quilts has a wonderful history some known and most not. She loves and appreciates each and every one of them. She has quilts from the mid to late 1800's on. One of the things that fascinated me is that she does not quilt herself. I did find out that as a child at her grandmother's home in Oklahoma she would lay under the quilting frame as her grandmother and friends would quilt. She would lay and watch the needles go up and down and listen to their stories. I thought this was such a sweet story and it explained her love for these quilts. I am happy that so many beautiful quilts are receiving the care they need.

I was fortunate enough while we were visiting she asked if I would like to come over for a quilt turning. She periodically opens them up and stacks them on a bed so they can lay and not be folded for a while and then when she has company or needs her guest room she will refold them in a different way and put them away. I enjoyed seeing the care and the love that each one of these quilts was given. Some were warn and tattered, but a majority of them were in amazing condition! She allowed me to take photos of the quilts. I missed some of them but did get photos of a great many of them.

When we finished the stack, she had she invited me to come back and help her when she does the same process to the "good" quilts... I can hardly wait. I thought these were good quilts!

Below is a little slide show I created to show you the photos. ENJOY!

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