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Marking on Dark or Patterned Fabric

Pattern Transfer Paper

Pattern Transfer Paper

It is easy to trace a 2 Fabric Applique Quilt pattern on a light applique fabric by just placing the fabric on the pattern and tracing the cutting lines. But what if your applique fabric is too dark to see the pattern lines, even if placed on a light box? This could definitely be a problem with the new quilts we are introducing you to this month. What to do??

The easiest solution is to use transfer paper. For those of us old enough to remember either carbon paper (yes, in the old days of typewriters) or dressmakers carbon paper, you have the concept in mind already. Here is how it works:
  1. Lay our applique fabric out flat on a hard surface, right side up, tape it in place.
  2. Lay the coated side of the transfer paper down on the fabric.
  3. Lay the pattern, right side up, on the transfer paper. Pin the pattern to the applique fabric in the four corners.
  4. Using a dull pencil, chalk pencil, ballpoint pen*, or stylus, trace along every cutting line on the pattern, making sure to move the transfer paper as necessary. Voila, the applique fabric is all marked. (* Never use a ballpoint pen on your fabric, the ink will run when it gets wet.)
The Pattern Transfer Paper we sell is manufactured to our specifications by Saral Paper Corp in sheets that are 18" x 24". These sheets are large enough to mark half of a 2 Fabric Applique pattern, then move the paper just one time to mark the other half. You can purchase the same, or similar, papers with different names, but the sheets are smaller, requiring more effort to move the small sheets around to mark the whole quilt.
Note: The lines created by the transfer paper are temporary, and will brush off. So if you are planning to cut-as-you-applique, then you will want to go over the transferred lines with a more permanent marker.

Our Pattern Transfer Paper is available in four colors: blue, red, white and yellow. Since you mostly use it for marking on dark fabric, any color generally will work.

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