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Tea Ceremony

Harmony - Respect - Purity - Tranquility

Tea Ceremony 2 Fabric Applique Quilt PatternTea-drinking is central to social gatherings in many countries. Tea parties, tea rooms, tea time, afternoon tea, high tea...warm and soothing, or cold and refreshing, makes for good conversation with friends. A haven in a busy day. It just seems so civilized, calming--promoting positive qualities we certainly want to embrace all the time.
An essential element of the Japanese Tea Ceremony is a hanging scroll of calligraphy, appropriate to the purpose of the event. Harmony, respect, purity, and tranquility (the glyphs, or kanji, on this quilt) are traits central to The Way of the Tea, and often are on the chosen calligraphy scroll. Definitely positive characteristics we want to emulate.
IDEA: On your quilt, embroider or ink the words for the kanji under or beside each applique. Then hang the quilt where you can contemplate these positive qualities in your life.

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