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Why we love applique

Here is our list of the many things we like about hand applique.

Needleturn photo - Pacific Rim Quilt Company

Chances are pretty good, that because you are reading our blog you are convinced already that applique is fun. You know that creating something beautiful with your hands is peaceful and satisfying. But if you still need some convincing here is our list:

  1. Portable, take it with you anywhere.
  2. Few notions required -- just a needle, scissors, spool of thread and your project.
  3. Organic shapes and curvy lines.
  4. Expressive designs.
  5. Pictorial possibilities.
  6. Relaxing, even therapeutic.
  7. Don't need to be sitting at a sewing machine.
  8. Quiet.
  9. Can sit in a comfortable chair.
  10. Versatile - use on quilts, clothes, crafts.
  11. Unlimited styles - delicate, bold, lacy, graphic.
  12. No math.
Best of all, applique, no matter the style (Hawaiian, 2FAQ, Baltimore) or technique (needleturn, fused, machine), is made up of just 5 simple shapes. Once you learn a successful technique for each of these five shapes you can do ANY applique.
  1. Straight line
  2. Inside curve
  3. Outside curve
  4. Inside point (valley)
  5. Outside point (mountain)
In Nancy's applique classes, and in both our videos, you will learn successful techniques for all five shapes.

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