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Echo Quilting from Different Directions

When Lines Converge

Ochid Oasis Echo quilting lines

The concept of echo quilting is easy: Evenly spaced rows of quilting radiating out from the applique. But what do you do when quilting lines begin to merge between a center medallion and an outer border? Or in the center of a quilt that has a large open center? Or, when the shapes of the applique cause the lines to bump into each other? The principles are the same:

  • You want an equal number of quilting rows coming from each direction until the lines meet.
  • You need to draw the lines in from each direction to find where they will meet before doing any quilting in that area.
  • You do not control the shapes created by the intersecting lines, they will be what they will be.

Here are the basics for how to make this happen:

If you click on the photo to the right we have a FREE 2 page instructions that will walk you thru the process we use.

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