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Applique for Beginners

Which is the easiest pattern?

We are asked this question a lot, and we always have one answer: "The one you like the best."Calla Lilies 2 Fabric Applique Quilt Pattern

Why do we say that? Because all applique is made up of just five simple shapes: straight line, inside curve, outside curve, inside point and outside point (valleys & mountains). Once you know how to do those 5 shapes, all applique is the same. Some quilts take longer, because there are more inches to be stitched - but that doesn't make them harder.
Beginners often like to see fast results, so our Dragonflies in Flight, Penguin Family, Kimono, Calla Lilies (2 Fabric Applique Patterns), Crowning Glory, Swing Dance (Border and Runner Patterns), or Cyclamen (Hawaiian Wall Quilt Pattern) quilts have more straight, or gently curving lines than points. So, if you really like any of these patterns, they would be good choices for a beginner, or anyone who wants a faster project.
If you choose the pattern you like the best you will be motivated to work on it and it will get finished! If you pick a pattern just because you think it looks easier, or faster, but you don't really like it, it may never get done.
Start with the one you like the best!

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