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Dragonflies in Flight

Different Fabrics, Different Looks, More Possibilities

Dragonflies in Flight

Do you pick a pattern to buy because you love the colors of the quilt pictured on the cover? Or do you really love the design? If that same pattern cover had shown a quilt in different colors would you have still picked it? Most of us are probably attracted to color first. Skimming a magazine your eye will notice the quilts in the colors you have a preference for. You may never pause to look at quilts in colors that do not appeal to you, regardless of the design. Have you noticed yourself doing that?

Dilemma #1

Pattern designers and pattern companies can only show one quilt on a pattern cover - just one - that is supposed to appeal to everyone. An impossible task! Nancy likes blues and purples, Janice likes greens and reds, you hate orange, but love pink, one friend likes earthy colors, another likes jewel tones. One person wants the image on the quilt to be done in realistic colors, another in fanciful colors. We can only show one quilt on a pattern cover, but there are an infinite number of ways to change the look of the pattern using different fabrics.

Challenge #1

Look at the patterns on our website or in a magazine trying to ignore the colors and look primarily at the design. Find a quilt pattern you love, even though you aren't in love with the color or fabric in the picture. How hard was that for you to do?

Knowing how strongly color influences your choice of patterns, you may also want to take a new look at patterns you have passed by in the past. Did you really not like the design, or were you reacting to colors that are not your favorite?

Dilemma #2

Fabric manufacturers seldom reprint a fabric for very long. Yes, there are basic lines that are available year after year, but frequently the exciting fabrics that make a quilt sing are never to be found after the initial run sells out. So, if you fall in love with the fabrics pictured on the cover quilt are you willing to re-imagine this favorite pattern in other fabrics, even different colors? There really is no one perfect fabric for a quilt pattern. Any pattern can be rendered equally successfully in a variety of fabrics.

Dragonflies in Flight is a favorite pattern of ours. We have made it multiple times - different every time. So you can see how different one pattern can look with different fabrics, here we are showing you a number of quilts made from just this one pattern. We are sure one or two of these will be more appealing to you than others. But, the only thing that has changed is the fabric/color, not the design.

Challenge #2

Consider the different ways you can render your favorite pattern just by switching up the fabrics. A visit to the Fabric Pack pages on our website is a great place to start. Knowing that you can pick any fabrics to make your favorite pattern what would you choose? If you don't see a Fabric Pack you like, you can visit our Fabric Finder page to find fabrics to re-imagine your favorite pattern. (Remember, many of our Fabric packs and fabrics are on sale!)

Try this: When you can't decide whether it is the pattern or the colors you don't like, make a black and white (grayscale) photocopy of the quilt photo. Now, do you like the design with no color? Is it easier to re-imagine this design in different colors?

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