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Student Comments

Nancy Lee Chong - a great applique teacher. But why believe us? Nothing recommends the value of a teacher more than the feedback from her students. Read what some of Nancy's students have said about their experiences with her in the classroom.

"I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your lecture and work shop this past week with the West Houston Quilter's Guild. I could not wait to get home on Thursday to continue practice stitching and basting my Breadfruit pattern. I have sewn for so many years, done every kind of hand work imaginable and quilted for the last 15 years, but after the few hours spent in your class a whole new world opened up for me. You inspired me personally to step out of my comfort zone of pieced quilts and to try something new. Thank you for sharing your talent and love of Hawaiian Quilting."

"I attended your traditional Hawaiian appliqué class in London, Ontario. I am just thrilled at the prospect of being able to actually make one of these beautiful quilts. I have looked at them and perused your webite for a while now, but never really thought that I could make one. I have quilted for years but most of my work has been machine piecing and long-arm quilting. You certainly gave me the confidence to go ahead and try to appliqué using your method. I did take you home in your DVD, so I can watch for advice any time I want. The class was fun and I learned so much watching and listening to you. Thank you so much for travelling so far. You have influenced my work. Many thanks."

"Wanted to send you a note to thank you for the WONDERFUL classes last week!!! I learned SO much! I'm really enjoying stitching on my Hawaiian block and it really IS stress-free!...And your technique on doing POINTS - WHAT MAGIC!!! My points are ALL coming out perfect...I'm definitely a devoted fan."

"Thank you for what was the best class I have ever taken! I came away with a brain stuffed with new techniques, ideas and enthusiasm. You are a superb teacher, unbelievably organized and able to convey information in a manner that is understandable and fun! To be able to connect with all skill and experience levels was a challenge, but you really pulled it off! That was one of the most worthwhile Saturdays I’ve spent in a long time."

"Nancy, just a note to let you know I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop. I hear you as I’m appliqueing, ‘Don’t forget to breathe and have fun.’"

"Your knowledge, skills and ability to communicate really benefit all of us!"

"Thanks for sharing your love of appliqué."

"Thanks for a great class. I was right--even experienced appliquers can learn something to help, if they take classes from good teachers. Loved your class and tell everyone to take it when they get a chance."

"Of all the appliqué classes I have taken, no teacher has ever devoted that much time to our actual stitching, and I can see the improvement in my stitches as I work...one of the rare classes where every minute was productive."

"Your teaching style is wonderful. You are very well spoken and succinct. There is no doubt about what you mean. I only wish I had taken appliqué classes from you before I had all of these bad habits to break. I have been talking you up BIG around my house. Now my daughter wants an appliqué class from you. I'm sure you will be seeing me again...(with daughter in tow!!)."

"I owe everything I know about appliqué to you. I appreciate the fine standards that you set for us."

"Nancy, What an incredible day! I was convinced that I didn't like to appliqué from past experiences. As I sat and took my first hesitant stitches and continued on to stitch a straight line and then two points, I was amazed at the fun I was having and how nice the finished product was looking. I have taken several classes before at guild, but never before have I had a teacher who really spent the day teaching. My head was swimming by the end of the day. Thanks for the printed instructions. They proved very helpful today as I continued to practice inside and outside curves. I will strongly recommend your classes to everyone."

"I want to thank you for your excellent class on the computer from Quilt University and will look forward to your next class. I really enjoyed and learned so much. I am so happy that I found the Quilt University."

"YES! YES and MORE YES! Nancy did an excellent job! The material was unbelievably well presented. Questions were answered in a timely manner and in a very understandable format. In a heartbeat! I wouldn't change a thing. Nancy has taught me what all the books I have, haven't been able to teach me in 13 years."

"Awesome! Wonderful! Perfect! More Please! Not sure if the above gets it across enough, LOL...you have a true treasure in Nancy, she is a wonderful person to chat with and her instruction is wonderful. I am needle turning appliqué like a pro now and that wasn't even the class! Woo hoo!"

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