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Every quilter should know how to appliqué.

Anyone who thinks needleturn appliqué is difficult hasn't taken one of nancy's appliqué classes!

My specialty is stress-free needleturn appliqué. I put students directly in touch with their needle, thread, and fabric. I show how incredibly easy appliqué is without the use of freezer paper, toothpicks, starch, cardboard, plastic, ironing, or interfacing -- all things that needlessly complicate what is otherwise a very simple process.

I have been teaching needleturn appliqué and Hawaiian designing and quiltmaking since 1982. I receive rave reviews wherever I teach, including on the internet as an instructor at AcademyofQuilting.com. After taking a class from me, beginners and experts agree that appliqué is not only possible but positively addicting!

So, whether you want me to teach at your shop, guild, retreat or other quilt event, or you are a student wanting to take a class from me, here are descriptions of my current class offerings and presentations. Check my Calendar to see when I will be teaching in your area.

Stress-free Hand Appliqué Classes

The Chong Way to Appliqué

(1 or 2 days)
Once you know Nancy's stress-free needleturn techniques you will agree that appliqué is fun, relaxing and easy. In this class you will learn all of the ins and outs of the least time-consuming method of appliqué. No freezer paper, toothpick, cardboard, plastic, starch or interfacing -- just you, your fabric, needle and thread. What could be more basic, and what could be more fun? This is a process class, where we will play (not work) with needleturn. A perfect class for beginners, and even experienced appliquers will discover new and exciting things! All skill levels welcome.

Excerpt from one quilt shop's newsletter:
"If you are serious about improving your appliqué, then this is the class for you. Nancy is one of the most skilled appliqué instructors in the Northwest and we are so fortunate to have her as a teacher. This is the one type of appliqué that will open up a whole new world of quilt-making for you. ... These classes will fill quickly. Do not miss this opportunity!"

2 Fabric Applique Quilts (2FAQ)

(1/2, 1 or 2 days)
Two fabrics, one spool of thread, and a pattern you love. That is the recipe for a good time and a stunning quilt. Nancy will show you how easy it is to make a beautiful wall hanging inMini Tulip 2FAQ class pattern almost no time at all, using her stress-free needleturn appliqué techniques. The one-day class provides a good introduction to the pattern and appliqué process while starting an 11" x 17" quilt. Students will have a variety of quilt designs from which to choose. In the 2-day workshop you will start your favorite 24" x 36" 2FAQ quilt pattern, and get an in-depth experience learning Nancy's needleturn appliqué methods. More time to prepare and more time to appliqué. In the half-day class Nancy demonstrates how to make a 2FAQ quilt using needleturn, raw-edge and machine appliqué. All skill levels are welcome.

Note from one of Nancy's students:
I wanted to take a minute and let you know how much I enjoyed the 2-day 2FAQ class. I had taken the 1-day class a few years ago and almost did not take this one. I am really glad I did. Yes, one does benefit from hearing things more than once but the 2-day class allowed me as a student to take the time to learn and practice what was presented in class while I was in class. In the 1-day class I felt a bit rushed. The extra day allowed you to work with each person individually and even though I am an experienced appliqué I truly appreciated the extra attention. From listening to other students in the class they all felt the same. And I came away with not just one tidbit from the class but at least five. If you are trying to decide between a 1-day and a 2-day class I highly recommend the 2-day class! Ellen E.

Hawaiian Appliqué

(1, 2 or 3 days)
Awesome in their beauty and symmetry, Hawaiian quilts are surprisingly easy to make. Nancy has been making Hawaiian quilts since 1978; she knows them intimately. In the one-day class, you will have hands-on experience with cutting out a Hawaiian block, basting, and needleturn appliqué. In the two-day class you move on to marking echo quilting lines, designing borders, and setting Hawaiian blocks together. The three-day class begins with you designing your own Hawaiian quilt. All skills levels are welcome.

Design Your Personal Hawaiian Quilt

(1, 2 or 3 days)
In the Hawaiian tradition, each Hawaiian quilt is an original design. Here is your opportunity to design your very own pattern in whatever size you desire (from block to wall to bed-sized quilt.) No Hawaiian quiltmaking experience required -- just a desire to design your own unique Hawaiian quilt! Drawing skills are not necessary. If you can cut with scissors you can do this. Design Your Personal Hawaiian Quilt book/DVD set is required.

Aloha Album

(1,2, 3, 4 or 5 days)

This lovely quilt, created by Nancy, melds the styles of Baltimore album and Hawaiian designs together with a tropical theme. Explore needleturn appliqué with these 17 diverse blocks. Hand appliqué is really fun and easy when you learn Nancy's stress-free approach. Without time-consuming preparation methods you get directly in touch with your fabric, needle, and thread much more quickly. By the end of the workshop you will have learned fabric selection, appliqué, hand embroidery, 3-D flower techniques,Tropical Splendor appliqué quilt pattern foundation piecing, fabric painting, and more. Aloha Album quilt pattern required. All skill levels are welcome.

Tropical Splendor

(2 or 3 days)
Make the center medallion from Aloha Album.

Celtic Knotwork Appliqué

(1/2 or 1 day)

Celtic knotwork designs are beautiful and intricate, and yet are amazingly easy to sew using Nancy's stress-free hand appliqué methods. Learn to make your own bias tape (without the use of bias bars), learn to bend the bias tape to make crisp corners and lovely curves, and generally learn how fun and relaxing this appliqué project can be. All skill levels welcome.

Hand Appliqué Landscapes

(1 or 2 days)
With so many gorgeous landscapes in our world, let's put more of them in our quilts! Learn how to turn your landscape photograph into a pattern and how to select fabrics. Then learn Nancy's stress-free needleturn appliqué techniques. In the one-day class Nancy provides a landscape pattern for your use. All skill levels welcome.

Miniature Appliqué

(1 or 2 days)

Afraid of tiny appliqué pieces? You don't need to be! In this class you will learn how to deal with tiny shapes so any appliqué project is a SNAP. Leave all your preconceived notions at home, and come ready to experience an awakening of your inner talents! Some appliqué experience is required.

Mola Appliqué

(1/2, 1 or 2 days)

Mola is the style of appliqué done by the Kuna Indians, who live on the San Blas Islands off the coast of Panama. This intricate style of appliqué is worn as the front and back panel of the Kuna women's blouses. You will learn how to mark, cut and sew your own traditional 2-color Mola design, while also learning how to expand your horizons for future projects. (The half-day class is a history lesson and an opportunity to see authentic Molas.) All skill levels welcome.

Hand Appliqué Mystery Quilt!

  • "Crop Circles" a 1-day class
  • "Mysterious Connections" a 1-day class
  • "Mysterious Merry-Go-Round" a multi-day class
  • "Summer Solstice" a 1-day class
  • "Enigma" a 1-day class
No picture. It's a mystery! You'll just have to come find out for yourself. Finally! Mystery quilts for hand appliquers! Piecers have been enjoying the excitement of mystery quilts for years - and now it is your turn to participate without having to haul your sewing machine. Step-by-step a beautiful appliqué quilt mysteriously reveals itself; a complete surprise right to the very end. You will complete at least one block during the class, and know what to do to finish it at home. Join Nancy for a most revealing hand-appliqué experience. Hand appliqué experience required (not necessarily needleturn).

Stained Glass Hand Appliqué

(1 or 2 days)
Come ready to be surprised at how easy this really is. Nancy shows you her method for making bias tape to use as the 'leading' in the windows, and she teaches you her stress-free appliqué techniques to sew any stained glass design you desire. Nancy will provide patterns for the one- or two-day class. All skill levels welcome.

Baltimore Basics

(2, 3 or 4 days)
Baltimore albums, these beautiful hand appliqué quilts are now within your reach. Nancy teaches you her stress-free approach to fabric selection, fabric placement, and needleturn appliqué techniques. We will work with scherenschnitte (papercut) and a multi-pieced wreath appliqué block. Embroidery embellishment and simple three-dimensional work will also be explored. All skill levels welcome.

Wonderful World of Appliqué

(3, 4 or 5 days)
Let's travel the world to discover these wonderful appliqué styles:
  • Hawaiian / Polynesian
  • Celtic
  • Mola
  • Baltimore Album
  • Broderie perse
  • Stained glass
  • Miniature
Let appliqué be your passport as we delve into each style and explore its history, its unique qualities, and the common techniques among them. In addition to working on each of these appliqué styles, we will be looking at the present-day options we have for notions and marking tools, choosing fabrics, and placing shapes on background fabric. So, if you have wanderlust, come join us on this exciting journey! All skill levels welcome.
(Each style of appliqué can also be taught in a 4- to 6-hour stand-alone session.)

Hand Quilting

(1 or 2 days)
Have you just finished your first quilt top? Or, do you have stacks of tops that need quilting? Perhaps you want to make a wholecloth quilt or simply want to improve your quilting stitch. Then this process class is for you. While working on muslin in a hoop, you will learn the basic running stitch, the rocker method, and how to start and stop a quilting line. We will discuss fabric, batting, markers, thimbles, threads, needles, hoops and frames. All skill levels welcome.

Thumb Quilting

(1/2 or 1 day)

Are you struggling with hand quilting? Frustrated with that thimble on your finger? Perhaps you are a thumb quilter, but don't know it! Now is the time to learn this comfortable, ergonomic alternative for hand quilting. All skill levels welcome.

Interlocking SquareInterlocking Square

(1 or 2 days)

Machine Piecing Class: This delightful quilt looks complicated but is surprisingly easy to piece. Learn to use rotary equipment, accurate strip piecing, working with straight and bias edges, and how to square up odd-shaped blocks. In the 2-day class there is a chance you could complete your quilt top! All skill levels welcome.

Confessions of an Appliqué Addict


Nancy confesses the embarrassing details of her sordid past. The evidence of addiction is in her quilts, quilts and more quilts. Sit back, laugh, and empathize while Nancy reveals her addiction. By the way, she is not seeking treatment.

Hawaiian Quilting: Its History, Traditions & Superstitions


Nancy began making Hawaiian quilts in 1978, and immediately became intrigued with the history and folklore surrounding this spectacular quilting art form. With her own quilts, she shares what she has learned about the traditions and superstitions that are interwoven with Hawaiian quiltmaking, the mysterious story of how they began, and how they became her obsession.

First Make It Fun!


There is no right or wrong way to make a quilt, as long as you are having fun. And Nancy has different opinions about what makes it fun. In this spirited presentation, while showing her quilts, Nancy tells stories about how much fun she has had making quilts and shares practical tips that are sure to increase your quiltmaking enjoyment.

Finding Time to Make Quilts


A humorous look at how to become more efficient with both time and space in order to become a more productive quitmaker. A wide variety of very practical methods are explored: including where to store supplies, working with intimidating patterns, and techniques for washing fabrics. Nancy shows quilts she has completed and ones that are still in progress -- all made during 'found time.'

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